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What is a Mastermind?

It’s being in the right room with the right people. You know that person who always seems to be challenging herself (and you in the process), doing bigger and better things?

She has a zest for life, is sharp as a tack, and has an unstoppable energy. When you are around her, you feel inspired and alive, like nothing can stop you and all your wildest dreams will come true.

A mastermind is having her as well as 2-3 others just like her for two hours every two weeks working WITH you on how to live better. The group becomes a team and supports one another while working toward goals and revealing each other’s blind spots. They share resources, life experiences, trust, and wisdom.

Maybe your current focus is a better way to run your business, a better way to run your household, or a better way to be in relationships. Regardless of what you are working on, your mastermind group becomes your A-team.

We all know that the people we spend time with are our biggest influencers, and the people in your mastermind group will be high level and on top of their game. This team is led by a coach with unique experience who facilitates professionally, making the whole thing even more powerful.

The value you get in these two hours every two weeks is bigger than you’ve felt in months of corporate team building events or strategy meetings. Those one sentence nuggets of wisdom that change your life are commonplace here.

The accountability of meeting every two weeks produces results almost immediately. All accomplishment and fulfillment aside, the icing comes when you realize that these people really care about you and have your best interest in their hearts.

Lifelong confidants can be found in a good mastermind group, regardless you will come out the other end being a better version of YOU. If you are motivated to live better and make a difference in this world, you are in the right place.

Open the door to the RIGHT mastermind group, and you open the door to unlimited potential. Think Bigger, Live Better!

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Who Runs the Mastermind?

Torey Ivanic! With more than a decade of experience in traditional family practice medicine as well as homeopathic medicine, Torey brings the art of skilled interviewing and holistic care to her mastermind facilitation.

She learned the power of a mastermind first hand while participating in a high end business and self development immersion program in 2015. The group dynamic led to exponential growth.

In January of 2016, she started her own mastermind group of three longtime friends who are all mothers, wives, and business owners which went on for more than a year.

In facilitating this group, she realized that masterminding is so powerful that she wanted to add it to her skill set of ways to help people live better, so she enrolled in an International Mastermind Certification Course in the fall.

She's now facilitated hundreds of mastermind groups and has witnessed her clients...

  • Triple their income
  • Sell their companies for multiple millions
  • Successfully close a failing franchise
  • Become CEO and owner
  • Start new businesses
  • Close old businesses
  • Leave corporate jobs to start a (blissful)business
  • Publish books
  • Buy out another company
  • Buy vacation homes
  • Travel the world
  • Balance motherhood with work
  • Move out of the county
  • Teach at a University
  • Become financially independent

...while holding space for them to put their health and well-being first through it all.

Your Investment


  • 12 Mastermind Sessions ($6,000 Value)
  • 2 One to One Sessions ($400.00 Value)
  • Exclusive Facebook Group (Priceless)
  • Recordings (Priceless)

Total Value - $6,897 + Priceless

How is it run?

The mastermind will be run through ZOOM (like skype) unless all participants are in the Denver area and want to meet live.

What’s the investment?

Free masterminds don’t produce the same level of results as paid masterminds. Your time is valuable as is your partners. No deposit, no return.

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