Open Space

4 change.


The one constant we can count on.

Does the word change bring up fear? Excitement? Apprehension? Anxiety?

No matter if you are happy or sad, content or confused, on top of the world or down in the dumps, CHANGE HAPPENS.

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What if change could be…





a fun adventure?


I’ve been helping people change for years.

From health and wellness to business mindset, one thing that I know is that it’s hard to make change if you don’t have any SPACE in your life.

First you have to OPEN SPACE.

Just like when you move from an 800 square foot college apartment to a 1500 square foot home, in a short while, the home is full, such as it is with time.

Even though we may be busy already, we commit to more activities and get even busier.

In order for change to happen, we need space (and time) to process it and do it right.

We need to OPEN SPACE for change.

Maybe that looks like

  …working three quarter time for a while.

… taking a sabbatical from kids after school activities.

…prioritizing nature (real live open spaces) instead of screens.

…or washing the whiteboard completely clean and rebuilding with simplicity.

Whether you want to change the way you feel, think, or live, you need Open Space.

Starting with your core values, your why and your goals, you can build the life you really want.


If you’re satisfied where you are, you probably wouldn’t be reading this. Something needs to change.

“What if…” is the start of my favorite dialogue.

I’m no expert or sage, but I’ve found the fun and adventure in change!

It starts with truth, simplicity and love.

It starts with Open Space.


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