Welcome to 2019! It’s time to start a blog again. After a few years off, I’m ready to get back in the monthly writing habit and share what I’ve been working on and learning. I hope you find it either informative, entertaining, or maybe even a little of both. This is a place where I will share the thoughts that are bubbling up in me. These thoughts will likely be raw and unfiltered. I’ll share before I’ve distilled them out into a clear and precise message… Call them musings if you want. Please feel free to comment and engage. I’m going to treat this blog as a conversation.

First, I’d like to share a little about the last few years for those of you who may not know me and my story. I’ll try to “catch you up” on my business and what Open Space means to me.

I started my entrepreneurial journey when I opened my own Homeopathic practice, Homeopathy First, in 2013 in Exeter, Ca. I had been practicing homeopathy for many years already but the financials weren’t working out to keep it inside of a medical practice, so I split the two. It was quickly a thriving practice and I LOVED IT! I loved being able to treat people the way I wanted, not the way their insurance plan told me. I loved writing thank you notes and spending good quality time holding space for people to tell me EVERYTHING. I loved my quaint little office above the best local pediatrician with high ceilings and hard wood floors. Within a few years I was busy enough with my homeopathy practice (and two little ones) that I left my allopathic (western medical) practice completely.

That same year, 2015, I did some serious self and business development work that led to a lot of self-reflection and growth. I learned the power of a mastermind and fell in love with the process. In August of 2015 my family and I moved from California to Colorado. I took a few months to get my family situated, but I missed my clients and kept seeing a lot of them virtually through the transition. As I re-opened Homeopathy First in Colorado, I knew that there was more to come. I enrolled in a class with a mentor on how to facilitate masterminds and formed one of my own with some of my close girlfriends who all had businesses and kids. (For those who aren’t aware, a mastermind is a small gathering of deliberate thinkers who help each other stay focused on the right stuff and move forward in business and life both quickly and alignment with their values. SUPER POWERFUL.) At the end of the course I formed and facilitated my first Mastermind group and LOVED it. This was everything that Homeopathy wasn’t—connecting powerful like-minded individuals to one another and facilitating while they tapped into one another’s brains to take on life full force!

Meanwhile in my own mastermind work, I kept coming back to writing a book. My healing journey contained a powerful story and I wanted to share that so that it might be a beacon of hope for others. In November of 2016 I started writing what would by the following year be my memoir, No Big Deal. The writing process was incredible. I didn’t think I had much left to heal in that story until I dived back in to the details and the reality. Writing that book left me a different person. I realized the healing power of creativity and looking pain and hurt straight in the eye.

One of the biggest themes I’ve found in my personal life is the need for time alone in nature. For me, my best revelations and thoughts are usually when I am NOT in front of a computer. I need time walking, skiing, hiking, climbing or doing yoga in nature. Not only do I feel most alive there, I think clearer. The more space I give myself, the more crystalized the most important things to me become.

One of the hardest things about allopathic (western) medicine for me was the lack of time I had with clients. Time, in some sense, is space. I had no time to dig in and get to the root of the cause of what was going on in the first place, and then likely I had to prescribe something that just put a Band-Aid on the symptomatology of the problem at hand. I had to label them with some disease or disorder (which is about the least empowering concept ever). “I figured it out, you have diagnosisitis. Take this pill for the rest of your life, or it will get worse.” To me, it felt like the system was broken. Homeopathy is better. I still believe it’s the best place to start when you are feeling physically, mentally or emotionally unwell (hence the name Homeopathy First).

Once you get to be feeling better, you may still have the same habits and lifestyle that led you to feel bad in the first place. For me, I found that reflecting back on my life and getting clear on my values and my purpose made it much easier to change old habits and think outside the box. By starting my own business, I opened space for opportunity. I gave myself the chance to do things that I otherwise never would have done. I started running workshops and masterminds. I wrote a really hard book.

Open space is the ether. It’s that world of unknown and uncertainty. It’s the place you daydream about but your brain tells you you’ll never go. And yes, it might be a little scary. I’m the hand you hold when you’re ready to step into it. I guide you, one gentle step at a time, into the open space that will change your life and your world for the better.